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Are you looking for the best SEO service company in India. If Yes, then you are lucky enough to find Marketing Spirits. We are the top rated Digital Marketing Consultants in India and believe in providing the most Ethic and White Hat SEO services on the entire Globe. We have specialized team of dedicated SEO professionals who are always there to increase the sales and revenues of our clients. Not only this, we recommend the SEO packages and Plans as per the website's needs, which helps us to attain the desired results.

What is Search EngineEngine Optimization?

In Short - Search Engine Optimization is a technique to increase the visibility of a website in the search engine result pages. The main goal of taking SEO Services is not to increase the rankings of a website on some selected Keywords, which almost every digital marketing company does. Which further gives birth to Gray Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques which can hard our website's visibility on the major search engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN. Here at Marketing Spirits, we optimize websites according to the latest updates and changes in the search engines, because searching trends are changing and people are using mobiles and tablets to search for their products and services which is completely different from the normal searches through PC's. And, if your website is mobile optimized, then you can stand on the top stops in the search engines, not for mobile and tablets, but also for searches through PC's, which can automatically increase your rankings and visibility. You can further read, how we optimize your website for mobiles in our Mobile Website SEO services section.

In Marketing Spirit, look beyond the traditional search engine optimization techniques, which can now harm your website if done and this is what makes us the most trusted and best SEO company in India. We offer the most ethical and result oriented SEO Services in India, by optimizing the websites according to the search engines and helps to improve your website design according to the users, which helps search engine crawlers to boost up the rankings of your website by themselves.

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SEO Off-page Optimization Service - Marketing Spirits

Although, we follow all the SEO techniques to boost up your search presence, which includes complete On-page optimization to niche based Link Building activities. But, our young digital marketers are enriched with lots of out of the box link building techniques which drastically helps to increase your website search presence. Below, we have shared a detailed enlightenment of how we do link building tasks on our clients websites.

Niche Based Content Marketing

Marketing Spirits, is well known for the best content marketing agency in India. We have helped many companies in getting top positions in the search results with our link building services for the clients of the United States, Australia, United Kingdoms, India, Singapore and Canada. We have very strong database of niche based content marketing websites, which has been made after lots of research and implementations by our young guns.

What we offer in Content Marketing Services?

  • Article Submissions
  • Blog Submissions
  • Guest Blog Submissions
  • Press Release Submissions
  • Infograph Designing and Submissions
  • PPT Creations and Submissions

Local SEO Business Listings

We target business listing websites as per your targeted locations, because Local business listing is a very effective technique to boost up the search presence of any website. Marketing Spirits also offer custom local business listing services if you are looking to place a citation only on the top business listing websites of your targeted location (Paid or Free). And we take the pride to help our clients by increasing their local search results with proven records.

Top Local Business Listing Websites

  • Google Local Listing
  • Yahoo Local Listing
  • Bing Local Listing
  • Yelp Local Listing (Not available in India)
  • Linkedin Business Listing
  • Facebook Business Listings

Social Bookmarking of Website Pages

Social Bookmarking is an another powerful way to increase your search presence in major search engines, because it includes the promotions of your website in social bookmarking websites, from where you can get unique traffic. But, Several Digital Marketing companies spam on those social bookmarking websites, which can negatively affect your website rankings. But Marketing Spirits, the top SEO company in India offers Social Bookmarking services at their best possible way by avoiding spam. So that we can let our clients to leverage actual benefit from social bookmarkings.

Where we Bookmark your Web Pages?

  • Stumble Upon
  • Reddif
  • Reddit
  • Propeller
  • Diggo Groups
  • Delicious

Out of the Box Link Building Strategies

Marketing Spirits, the best Digital Marketing Consultants in India have the capabilities to apply out of the box link building techniques which are apart from the normal SEO tasks of Off-page tasks. Because, our main goal is to get more niche based backlinks from high authority websites and blogs, which are not completely possible from current Off-page strategies.

Some Out of the Box Techniques we apply

  • Link Trade with people of same industry
  • Collaborative Blog Posts
  • Ask for Contribution in Blog Posts
  • Link Reclamation
  • Generating links from Wiki networks
  • Linking to Companies to get a link back from their blogs


With our 360 degree approach in digital marketing services, we have earned the tag of the best SEO company in India. Because we value our clients and clients means everything for us. We give our complete dynamism to get the work done with guaranteed results.

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SEO On-page Optimization Service - Marketing Spirits

On-page Optimization is another major factor to boost up the rankings of a website. Because, if link building is the first wheel of SEO Vehicle then On-page optimization is the second wheel. Here, at Marketing Spirits, we optimize your website pages as per the latest trends and techniques, by optimizing its titles, meta tags, url's and the most important content part. We make your webpages search engine friendly, so that your website pages get indexed in the search engines and start ranking. Not only this, by having a strong on-page, on a website, helps to increase the value of link building. Because without on-page optimization you can never get the desired results. Below, we have shared a detailed enlightenment of how we accomplish On-page tasks on our clients websites.

Content Optimization of Webpages

Content, which is the most important thing in SEO On-page Optimization, because it lets the search engines know about your website and webpages and the most important thing to do this, is selecting the right keywords or the phrases that people would likely to search and then using those keywords an phrases throughout your content. And, here we research for those keywords on which you'll have the maximum chances of ranking well, by keeping "CONVERSIONS" in mind. Because, website ranking on #1 spot on the targeted keywords are not at all beneficial until we are getting leads from them.

    Website's URLs Optimization

    Website's URL plays a very important role because there are users who first see the URL of the landing page and then get the idea if he/she can find the stuffs they are looking for. Not only this, if using semantic URL on websites, helps the search engine crawlers to figure the possible stuff on the landing page, we can say this is something like using meta tags and meta descriptions to signal webmasters regarding your offerings in the particular page.

Website Design Optimization

Getting traffic and increasing followers does not mean that you can get leads, because website design plays a very critical role in the conversion rates. A well optimized website for conversions can increase the list of your customers upto 4% and our SEO Guns know how to accomplish this task. If you are looking for a company for website conversion rate optimization, then you can never find a better option than Marketing Spirits, we the worlds best SEO On-page Optimization Service providers in India. We have proven records for the clients we have worked so far on the same.

Intelligent Keyword Research Analysis

At Marketing Spirits, we perform best keyword research analysis for your products and services. Our main target is to select the keywords with higher conversion rates along with medium or low competition and we have several tools to accomplish this task for you. Because , keyword selection is a part which can take your websites to the next level or can bring you completely down. That's why we focus more on keywords to target and then start the SEO process. As we already stated - Getting traffic does not always work, but getting the right kind of traffic is worth and it's ok if the traffic is a bit less, because you are getting the targeted audience which will convert into your clients and customers.


Not only this, we also follow other tasks for your website on-page optimization and our SEO young guns have the skills and talent to find out every corner of your website which is not SEO friendly, depending on the major on-page optimization factors; Titles, Meta Tags, URL Structure, Content Optimization, URL Indexing and much more..

Overall, choosing Marketing Spirits for all your SEO service needs in India, is actually a deal of "Value for Money". Because, we work as per the changing demands and technology of search engines, which helps our clients website to get top spots in the search results.

Don't let your Potential Customers to slip away from your hands, They are the core of your Online Success.

Looking for a trustable and result oriented SEO firm in India. Then here we are, Marketing Spirits offers you the best Digial Marketing services in India. Call us Now: +91 9958080618 or Request for a Free Website Analysis Report by our Marketing Professionals.