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Marketing Spirits is a leading SEO link building service provider in India, we are known for the best and quality SEO link builders in the entire India. With the hard work of our SEO marketing team and Guest Posting Team, we have generated a very strong database of the articles and blogs for every theme/niche, Which helps us to deliver the links from the highly reputed and authority websites, which further helps our clients to get ranked in the top places in SERP's.

We have helped many clients of countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and India for the same and have achieved good results as well. Our link building services include 100% quality backlinks by submitting Articles, Guest Posts, Blog Posts, Social Bookmarking, Classified Submissions and more.. Not only this, we maintain a proper ratio of Do-follow and No-follow backlinks so that your backlinks seem to be natural to the search engine crawlers, in order to leverage you the complete benefits of backlink created.

Ethical link building service, has lots of benefits in its own. It allows your websites to get more relevant traffic, increase the number unique visits, help to improve the organic rankings in the search engine result pages, helps to improve the brand awareness of a company and much more. Our SEO professionals follow a very unique approach and work as per the guidelines provided to them. Not only this, we do a complete keyword research of your competitors and find out the sources and figure out from where they are getting backlinks and submit your website link to those websites after a complete site checkup to make sure the website is not penalized and do not have a high volume of Black Hat SEO.

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Why Choose us for SEO Link Building Service

Below we have shared complete insights on Why to choose Marketing Spirits for all your Custom SEO Link Building Services in India

We do not build Paid Backlinks

As per the Google and other major search engines guidelines, we avoid generating paid backlinks which allows to pass the link juice from third party website which is very harmful for your website if caught by Search Engine Bots. Because it includes unnatural link building from several websites and blogs having good Domain Authoriity and Moz Rank. Not only this, we do not believe in making backlinks from a set number of websites and blogs which includes high volume of outbound links to other websites and pages.

Link Building from Good Content Websites

We avoid websites with having low quality content, because search engines do not consider them anything and most of them are general websites or blogs who are posting articles for almost every category. But, the situation depends on the website, if it is having a good authority and webpages are getting indexed in the search engines, then only we take our steps forward to get a backlink. But before that, we build a new database along with having our current one to highlight the best and most thematic websites for your link building tasks. And, my be that's why serve the most ethic and natural link building creations for our client's.

We Avoid Low Quality Directories and Bookmark Websites

At Marketing Spirits, we do not use low quality URL submission directories, low quality business listing websites/directories and social bookmarking websites, because who knows, if anyone of them is currently being penalized or following Black Hat SEO by a high volume of outbound links. Whatever may be the reason, this is something against the Google's Webmaster guidelines and we can never stuck clients into this eddy.

We do not believe in Link Exchange

Making backlinks with a sound of (Link to me and I will link to you) is something not at all acceptable to get a good ranking in the search engines. YES! But it is a very effective technique to interchange the customers and traffic, but only to an extent, overdone can brutally harm your website. We, the good SEO Link Building Service providers in India makes one way backlinks for our client's website, so that we can increase their popularity, which can further become a major factor for their improved rankings. For more details you can contact us here.

We do not use Automated Programs for Link Building

As many SEO Service companies do, building backlinks from automated backlink generators. We strongly avoid to use this practice, because it is against the webmaster guidelines of making backlinks for your website. Because to build a strong link building campaign, you need to have more relevant backlinks which can improve your websites domain popularity and for that, links coming from the popular websites are only worth. And at Marketing Spirits, we just build that only, which makes us the best SEO link building service providers in India. For our Custom Link Building Package you can shoot us an e-mail here.

We use Keyword Diversity in Anchor Texts

Making anchor links only on your targeted keywords can also be a cause for penalty, and to avoid this, we use phrases and long tail keywords more, instead of making anchors on your short tail keywords. So that we can create an excellent diversity in anchor texts for your large scale link building campaigns. Our main motive is to promote your website and brand instead of securing your website rankings In the search engines. Which is the most important thing while performing SEO link building tasks for any client.

Overall, if you are looking for any company who offers custom link building services for your search engine marketing campaigns, Marketing Spirits fits you in all ways because we offer the most effective and efficient link building services in India.


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