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Marketing Spirits well know for our most ethical and quality link building services and here we are coming up with custom article submission services, which includes articles submissions for your brand in the top content marketing websites and websites with high authorities on the web. With our world class link building service, we have made our place in the word's top SEO company in India which is our greatest achievement as a Digital Marketing Agency.

Article submissions are the best way to improve your brand reputations and brand popularity. Not only this, this particular task helps to improve the authority of our domain as well, because it allows to pass the link juices from other high authority website pages. Also, it helps us to get more followers and unique visitors to our website, who may in the future can become our regular customers and clients. Submitting articles on third party websites also helps to increase the search presence of your website in the major search engines, but only if, we are getting links from the trustworthy websites in an authentic manner and Marketing Spirits is the best option for you to take article submission services for your linking campaigns.

We deliver the most ethical links from quality websites which are generated manually by outreach the webmasters or industry experts to submit our article on their website or blog to get a link for your website. We make sure the content of the article is not promotional, otherwise it can get rejected from the author and we can lose a great chance to get an inbound link. Also, if you are taking article submission services for 50 or 100 articles, then we make sure, not to submit the same article on other websites, because it will reduce the content value and can penalize the websites. For that, we create unique content on the latest industry chats before submissions.

The main motive of custom article submission service is that, it helps to get the backlinks from high authority websites and to get those links, we avoid article directories like "Articlebase", "Ezine Articles" or any other directory for article submission. Because these are the best places to flush your well written and unique contents. There are many Digital Marketing Companies, who are still using these websites for content promotion activity, but they are not aware of the fact, how negatively it can affect their client's website.

Our content writers are very much experienced and know what to write to attract more users, and to improve the quality of content writing, we have separate teams of writers for every different niche (Technology, Fashion, Hospitality, Home Decorations), and every write is master in their own specific niche content writing, which give us the most unique and quality content to publish on authority websites.

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Advantages of Article Submission Services from Marketing Spirits

High Quality Websites

We only use high authority website and blogs for all your article submission requests, All the websites will be niche based and will be more about your target industry only. Also, we outreach the industry experts to publish our articles on the highly followed blogs and websites, which will be a great source for your website's popularity. The quality guidelines will be set as per the current domain authority and page authorities of your website, because every websites demands for something different and it's our job to understand and deliver that.

Manual Article Submissions

Every article we submit involves the efforts of our marketing team members, because we manually submit all the articles on third party websites and do not use any type of software or automated bots to do this task for us. Also, we write the contents in a manner, that can fulfil the guidelines of all website owners that they provide before publishing any third party site website's article and they actually follow them very strictly.

Unique Content on Every Website

We have dedicated content writing teams for all marketing niches, in order to provide more quality, unique and insightful articles to our clients and for their targeted audience. Because, unique and a well written insight full article helps to increase the trust of the brand and can also be ranked on the #1 spot for the related searches on major search engines.

Diversity in Anchot Textsr

Our marketing team does not stick within your targeted keywords, because anchor text diversity is as important as providing unique content to the webmasters. Also, most of the quality website editors, does not allow to make a hyperlink on a straight and promotional keyword, but we know how to deal with them or how to make an anchor on our keyword without make it looks like promotional, this is one of the most important, that no SEO company can do for you. Because they are still following the same traditional way of marketing.

Informative and Engagement Riched Articles

Any content seems to be a quality one, only when, its readers are getting some source of very important information or getting to know something very new and interesting. And, our content writing team has those capabilities to make very strong contents, which can fulfill all the needs of general readers or users. That's why, we have a separate place in the Digital Marketing world for our Article Submission Services in India.

Article Approval from Clients Before Submissions

Once our writers have done with writing the insights on the topics, we first take approvals from the clients, if they need anything to change or update. Because be believe, the client must be aware of each and every thing we are performing for them, so that we can guide and take suggestion for a smooth working process.


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